Generally there are two systems used when involving Anti Graffiti Coating Systems.
These are Sacrificial and Non sacrificial.


The sacrificial Anti Graffiti coating systems are generally.  Water based environmentally friendly coatings with a sacrificial Layer which should remain effective for up to 10yrs if not removed.
They are best suited for treating absorbent, cementitious building materials on wall areas, in certain cases they will go over non absorbent substrates. You should always test for suitability and compatibility first.
Generally when applied the surface to be treated will remain as it is but its colour will deepen slightly plus the gloss levels will be slightly reduced.
To removed Graffiti from the surface which has a sacrificial coating on it, either hot steaming on porous surfaces or an Anti Graffiti removing agent/gel on non porous surfaces.  After removal the Sacrificial Anti Graffiti coating will have to be re applied.
This is why it is call sacrificial because during the cleaning process the coating Sacrifices itself to remove the Graffiti on it.
This Product does not come in colours and is a Milky Looking product when wet but dries to a clear finish.

Generally these coating systems are Two Pac Systems and can be Either Solvent or Water Based. The Two Pac meaning that there are Two Parts to the System which have to be mixed together.
Being more environmentally friendly the Water based product has revolutionised a high performance permanent anti Graffiti coating which is easy to apply of Low odour and quick drying.
These Products provide long term protection over Cement Renders, Brick work and other masonry surfaces.
Other benefits are that it is available in a Matt, Lo sheen or Gloss finish and in a wide range of colours as well as clear.
Graffiti is removed from this coating using a graffiti removing agent or in some cases Hot water or pressure cleaning.  After Graffiti has been removed no further action is required as the coating should still be intact.

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